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Mike Mayock Breaks Down Blaine Gabbert's Game

Mike Mayock (NFL Network) remains the gold standard of NFL Draft prospect evaluation, and with the 2011 NFL Combine in full force, he's beating the drum for the quarterback he believes is the only sure-fire Top 10 pick - Missouri junior Blaine Gabbert.

Mayock, who also firmly states that Gabbert is a "franchise" quarterback, has a quick breakdown of Gabbert's strengths in a video at that every Buffalo Bills fan should be paying close attention to.

In the analysis, Mayock praises Gabbert's ability to manipulate coverages, whether it be via stepping up into the pocket, keeping his eyes down the middle of the field, or using the pump fake to freeze defenders and open up throwing lanes. Gabbert's arm strength is also mentioned as a big plus.

In terms of weaknesses, Mayock mentions just one: Gabbert's footwork, which he attributes to Missouri's spread offense limiting his exposure to taking drops. Mayock claims that roughly three out of every four of Gabbert's passes at Missouri did not require him to drop at all; he'd merely catch a shotgun snap, hitch and throw.