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Cam Newton Meets The Media At 2011 NFL Combine

Auburn junior quarterback Cameron Newton spoke with media at the 2011 NFL Combine on Saturday, a day before he'll take the field with the rest of the quarterbacks for workouts. Newton was everything he'd been advertised as: engaging, charismatic, and a touch self-centered (he repeatedly referred to himself in the third person in the interview). Topics of discussion included:

  • A prepared statement in which he clarified, and then took responsibility for, comments in a recent Sports Illustrated interview
  • Discussed relationships with his father and Warren Moon
  • Addressed adversity stemming from NCAA probe and his father's alleged pay-for-play scandal
  • Talked around the mistakes he made at Florida, saying that they made him the person he is today
  • Talked about his whirlwind year, going from Auburn unknown to possible No. 1 pick
  • Cited Brady/Manning-like work ethic as a trump card to athletic ability

It really was a fascinating interview. It will strengthen whatever current stance you have on the man; I guarantee it. Take a look for yourself.