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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links 2/27

Bills Roundup: Newton Takes Center Stage -
"Day three of the NFL Combine featured the long awaited arrival of Cam Newton, while fellow QB Ryan Mallett made some headlines, and top defensive line prospects Da'Quan Bowers and Marcell Dareus also met the media."

Newton says he's eager to play anywhere - Bills & NFL - The Buffalo News
Mark Gaughan's complete look at Cam Newton day.

Inside The Bills | Mallett walks off lectern
"I said I’m not going to talk about it here," said Mallett several times as the media peppered him with questions about allegations raised by former Rams and Panthers personnel man Tony Softli that Mallett stayed out of the 2010 draft because of a drug addiction problem. "I’m going to talk to the teams about it." After the third time someone raised the question Mallett said thanks and walked off.

Ryan Mallett dodges questions on rumors - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"I believe [the interviews] are very important, but also for other players," Mallett said. "A lot of times you don't get to be around the coaches, be around the management like you do here. To be able to be within three feet of them, talking face-to-face, you can talk man-to-man, and that's important for all of us."

Newton eager to show focus -
"Criticized for comments earlier in the week in which he labeled himself an entertainer and an icon, Cam Newton aimed to set the record straight while also trying to present himself as a talent concerned only with becoming a franchise NFL quarterback."

Standout Day 1 Workouts -
NFL Network looks back at the best workouts among the OLs and the TEs.

Cam Newton Speaks at the Combine -
Netwon's 13-minute presser.

Da'Quan Bowers Speaks at the Combine -
The Clemson DE spoke with the media at the NFL Combine.

Marcell Dareus Speaks at the Combine -
The Alabama DE spoke with the media yesterday.

Film study: Fairley and Dareus -
Jaime Dukes breaks down the big DE decision for NFL Network with help from Mike Maycock's list.

O-Line Bench Press -
Take a look at the bench press from the Combine.

Inside The Bills | Why Cam didn’t meet media
" has learned that Newton, after the initial medical exams, had to go to the local hospital for extra films (either an additional x-ray or MRI). This is a common occurrence at the combine for a lot of prospects and is likely why fellow QBs Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Mallett also did not make it to the media room Friday."

Inside The Bills | Top OT drops out of combine
"USC’s Tyron Smith, one of the top offensive tackle prospects has dropped out of the combine. According to the National Football Post, Smith had surgery two months ago to repair a torn lateral meniscus, and plans to work out at his pro day at USC on March 30th."

Inside The Bills | Dareus built like a tree
"Alabama DL Marcell Dareus weighed in at 319 pounds making him five pounds bigger than Buffalo’s Torell Troup, but looking at him you’d be convinced that it’s equally distributed between his upper and lower body."

Inside The Bills | DE Heyward on his rehab
"It’s getting better," said Heyward of his elbow. "I’ve got full motion back in it already. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t get to work out here. My pro day is March 30th and I’m getting better every day. I recently had UCL reconstruction and I’ll be back in three months. They won’t have me benching, but I’m already starting to lift. I just got cleared to run last week."

Inside The Bills | Bowers on his meniscus tear
"I’m 100 percent," he said. "It was small meniscus tear. It hampered me in my first three weeks of training, which is why I’m not doing anything at the combine. I feel I want the same amount of time that everybody else had to train and fully prepare for the combine. So I’m going to the three weeks that I missed and prepare and do all my workouts on pro day."

Inside The Bills | Cam confirms
"The recent comments I made were during the announcement of my new endorsement partnership. I was making the point that I want to be the best possible ambassador for them just like I want to be the best possible ambassador for whatever team I am lucky enough to play for."

Cam Newton Speaks at NFL Combine | Democrat and Chronicle
Newton also wouldn't say if there were any teams he hoped to play for, "right now I'm interested in every single team that's in the NFL who's willing to take me as a player."

Cam Newton in command at combine - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Newton was in command and made no excuses. His voice had an edge to it when responding to questions about his father, the NCAA investigation, allegations he stole a laptop computer while at the University of Florida, and why he'll throw Sunday at the combine and again at his pro day March 8. "

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Mallett Gets Frustrated at Drug Questions
"Here's the dynamite audio. I highly encourage you to listen to every single second of it."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Did Cam Newton Meet With Buffalo?
"Following his fairly long press conference, myself along with a few other Buffalo Bills beat reporters tracked down Cam Newton as he was going down the hallway to try and get him to answer whether or not he's met with Buffalo." He didn't say one way or the other.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - QB Ponder, Bills Are Familiar
Christian Ponder and the Buffalo Bills are becoming more and more familiar.

Bowers aware of Buffalo weather - BillBoard - Blogs - The Buffalo News
Asked today if Spiller has talked to him about the possibility of coming to Buffalo, Bowers said: "I haven't talked to C.J. about Buffalo. All he mentions is it's very, very cold."

Newton says he's eager to play anywhere - BillBoard - Blogs - The Buffalo News
Asked specifically about how he would feel about going at No. 3 in the draft to Buffalo or even higher, Newton said: "I’m not focused on that right now. My focus is to try to become the best player I can and on meetings I have here at the combine. I’m going to try to make lasting impressions on these offensive coordinators and these different organizations that will be the deciding factor in picking."

Nick Fairley or Marcell Dareus: Who Is The Better Fit For Bills? | Buffalo Wins
"Personally, I believe that Marcell Dareus would be the best option for the Buffalo Bills, despite Nick Fairley's ability. Fairley definitely is a football player, but Dareus' flexibility will appeal to the Bills, who are looking for depth on the defensive line, and Dareus has the experience of playing end in a 3-4, and could see the field instantly."

More Bills Links
Murphy interviews Gailey at NFL Combine |

News 4 Sports Director John Murphy interviews Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey at the NFL Combine on Friday.

Murphy interviews Nix at NFL Combine |
News 4 Sports Director John Murphy interviews Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix at the NFL Combine on Friday.

Maybe Maybin’s not finished | | Blogs
"We’re going to keep working with Aaron Maybin," Nix told us Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine. "He shows signs of doing what he needs to do. If he can be consistent with that we’re going to find something that he can do to help us." When asked specifically if the Bills are giving up on Maybin, Nix answered simply, "No."

Random thoughts | Buffalo Wins
Joe calls out Donte Whitner for RTing stories about the Bills pursuing safeties, talks about Cam Newton, and debates Sanders vs Atogwe.

There are few winners in a labor dispute - Larry Felser - The Buffalo News
Larry Felser reminisces about the 1982 labor dispute and the Bills, who had begun to put something together, got stopped in their tracks.