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Deep D-Line Class Doesn't Disappoint At Combine

The work week for us lay folk is back in full force, but workouts at the 2011 NFL Combine rage on. This morning, the deepest positional group in the 2011 NFL Draft - defensive linemen - took the field, and insofar as big-name prospects went, there were very few disappointments.

In terms of edge rushers, Sam Acho, Ryan Kerrigan, Dontay Moch, Robert Quinn, Brooks Reed, Jabaal Sheard and Aldon Smith all turned in solid workouts. Quinn looked rusty, but his athleticism is apparent. The same goes for Smith, who is just a notch below Quinn athletically. Moch pumped out an unofficial 4.45-second 40-yard dash at 248 pounds, but it was Kerrigan (4.67 and 4.73 unofficially) that performed better than expected not just in speed tests, but in field drills, as well. Expect Kerrigan to get a bit more heat as a potential 3-4 outside linebacker.

Inside, the story didn't change much. Elite prospects like Marcell Dareus (40 in the 4.9 range at 319 pounds), Nick Fairley (4.8 range at 291 pounds), Cameron Jordan (4.7 range at 287) and J.J. Watt (4.8 range at 290) all performed well, with Fairley and Watt both standing out in field drills. The depth of this group was also apparent, with Christian Ballard, Adrian Clayborn and Muhammad Wilkerson all showing well athletically, Phil Taylor looking great carrying 337 pounds, and even a guy like Brandon Bair testing better than expected.

Not much was learned today that we didn't already know: this is a supremely talented, supremely athletic, supremely deep group of defensive linemen.