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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Patrick Peterson To Bills Becoming More Prevalent

I'm not ashamed to admit two things about Walter Cherepinsky's I find a lot of its content very useful and informative, and I find a lot (albeit less) of its content insufferable and very difficult to get through. That's just my opinion, and it's one marinated in respect - Walter, overall, does a great job at his site.

I bring up his site to toss him a little praise for his Buffalo Bills selections in his latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft. He updates weekly, just as I've been doing this year, and for the first time in quite a while, he's written a Bills blurb devoid of at least one snide comment, and chock-full of, to my eye, very sound logic.

Walter, like me, has the Bills selecting LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson in the first round. Y'all may not like the logic of that pick, and perhaps that's precisely why it seems a likely course of action for Buddy Nix and the Bills. I, for one, am a fan of Peterson's athleticism and versatility, and think he'll make an excellent pro.

Cherepinsky then follows the Peterson selection up with three more picks in subsequent rounds: Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick (second round), Miami defensive lineman Allen Bailey (third round) and Oregon linebacker Casey Matthews (fourth round). All in all, it's a worthwhile read on a slow Bills news day.