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2011 NFL Draft: Gil Brandt Likes DL, CB Group

Mike Reiss of got a chance to talk with reputable NFL Draft analyst Gil Brandt this week at Super Bowl XLV. Brandt, the former Dallas Cowboys executive who now provides scouting analysis for, likes the overall defensive depth of the 2011 NFL Draft class.

"One thing we have to wait to see is how fast some of these guys are going to run, but it seems like there are a lot of corners, defensive tackles and defensive ends. I think defensively it will be a good draft," Brandt told Reiss.

Cornerback is not a massive need for our Buffalo Bills - there are players on the roster that can contribute - but depth is thinning out rapidly at the position, and the team still doesn't have a true lock-down guy. Meanwhile, it's no secret at all that the Bills need to beef up their run defense, and in a year featuring heaps of talented defensive linemen, they have a great opportunity to continue to stockpile young 3-4 talent alongside Torell Troup and Alex Carrington.

Question for the community: does the depth at these two positions change your feelings at all about taking, say, an outside linebacker or wide receiver at No. 3 overall?