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Which Buffalo Bills Players Have Elite Potential?

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Last week, when we compared the Buffalo Bills to the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, we noted that the major difference between the teams was a lack of elite talent on Buffalo's part. Kyle Williams is already among the league's elite defensive linemen, but which of his Bills teammates could join him in that category? We've got three nominees, and we'll hear more in the comments section.

Stevie Johnson, wide receiver. I used that specific picture of Stevie for this post for a good reason: he needs to eliminate moments like that one to become a truly elite receiver. At his best in 2010, he bordered on that label, becoming Buffalo's best offensive weapon in the first extensive action of his career. Johnson isn't an elite talent, but he's a very good football player with the potential to be great. Consistency is the final hurdle he needs to clear.

Eric Wood, center. Early indications are that Wood will become Buffalo's full-time center in 2011. The NFL's best centers are noticeable in that their team's offensive line takes on that player's personality; Wood's a natural leader and a tenacious on-field presence with that type of upside. He has the potential to be the type of pivot that galvanizes a line and elevates its effectiveness.

C.J. Spiller, running back. Yes, he was almost a complete non-factor as a rookie, but there's little doubt that his talent level is immense. The Bills drafted Spiller to be a star, and he's still got star power despite his rookie ineffectiveness. Spiller is listed purely on potential, but again, that potential is immense.