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Four Buffalo Bills Players Get 2011 Salary Increases

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A report from Brian McIntyre, citing NFLPA records, indicates that four Buffalo Bills players are set to get increases in their original 2011 base salaries. The increases come via playing time, performance, or other contractually-obliged incentives written into the players' contracts.

The Bills player who will get the biggest pay increase next year? That would be dime back Reggie Corner, who will now make $1.2 million in base salary, a $645K increase that we can only assume was due to playing time incentives. Corner spent the majority of Buffalo's season as the nickel back with Terrence McGee sidelined. Corner is entering his fourth year in the NFL, and 2011 will be the final year on his deal.

Ryan Fitzpatrick will make $3.195 million next season, a $300K increase on his original $2.895 million. Fitzpatrick is coming off a career year in which he made 13 starts and threw for 3,000 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Two more offensive veterans will get pay increases, as well. Fred Jackson is now scheduled to make $1.75 million - a $125K increase - while wideout Lee Evans will make an extra $50K, bumping his 2011 base salary to $3.275 million.