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Blog Discussion: 2011 NFL Draft Prospect Breakdowns

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I had one post scheduled to publish today regarding Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder. I had no plans to do any other Ponder-related posts today; I just knew that I had the material to do them at some point.

One thing led to another schedule-wise, however, and I ended up putting together two more Ponder posts in the hope that everyone here wouldn't mind talking about one guy all day. I was a bit surprised at the positive commentary I got on Twitter regarding "Christian Ponder Day," and am now toying with the idea of dedicating entire days to more 2011 NFL Draft prospects over the next couple of months.

My questions to you all this evening: how frequently is too frequently with these dedicated prospect days, and what types of prospects (i.e. round preference, school size preference, positional preference) would you like us to focus on? This is an open forum to discuss the direction of our prospect discussions - and as we've got a lot of time to cover without free agency, I want to ensure that this content will be neither redundant nor overkill.