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Jim Kelly Not Big On Film When Scouting Quarterbacks

If you skimmed through Web Rumblings this morning without clicking through to listen to Jim Kelly's interview on Schopp and the Bulldog yesterday, we urge you to reconsider. Kelly had some great takes on the Buffalo Bills and the NFL Draft, and we wanted to highlight his personal beliefs on scouting quarterbacks. First and foremost, Kelly emphasized the character aspect of the evaluation process.

"You want to know every single thing about that quarterback," Kelly said. "You want to know what type of music he listens to, what kind of friends does he have. I want to know, of course, his grades, the Wonderlic test. I would go through everything."

Even more intriguing is the fact that Kelly is more interested in watching a player work out in person than seeing what they did while playing in college.

"I want to watch him throw the deep comebacks," Kelly said. "I want to watch him throw the 20-yard square-ins. I want to put him through some drills where he will be moving on the run to see how he throws. I don't want to see that on film. I want to see that in person."

Kelly concluded his thoughts by stating that he'd had a half-hour conversation with a certain star junior quarterback, and had come away impressed. Give WGR 550 a click this morning, friends.