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Bills Tender Paul Posluszny, Donte Whitner, Others

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Last Thursday, NFL teams began tendering offers to restricted free agents under current league rules as a way to hedge their bets should the rules not change when a new labor deal is reached. Yesterday, we highlighted Buffalo Bills free agents - with the help of Chris Brown at - with four and five years of accrued experience that fell into that "gray area" between restricted and unrestricted, pending the labor deal.

Today, the Bills announced that they'd hedged their bets with three of those players, tendering RFA offers to linebacker Paul Posluszny, safety Donte Whitner and tight end Scott Chandler.

If league rules don't change (which is perceived as very unlikely), Buffalo will have first right of refusal if any of these players sign deals once free agency begins. If league rules revert back to the point where players with four years of experience are unrestricted, these offers will be meaningless. Of the four- and five-year guys that were left unprotected, Mansfield Wrotto and George Wilson are the notable names. also reports that restricted free agents Felton Huggins (wide receiver) and Garrison Sanborn (long snapper) have also been tendered. Regardless of likely new league rules, the Bills will retain exclusive negotiating rights with both of those players, as they have fewer than four years of accrued experience.