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NFL Labor Update: Sides Making Progress On Revenue Split

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With all of the sniping through the media that has gone on in the past 24 hours - from the NFLPA declaring that an 18-game schedule was off the table, to the NFL showing signs of frustration regarding the issue of opening their books - the all-important CBA landscape was looking pretty bleak. However, with the new labor deadline looming in just about 26 hours, we've got yet another spark of hope: the two sides have reportedly made progress on the most important issue of how to split up $9 billion in annual revenue.

Mike Florio reports that the two sides are down to under $700 million in difference - it was once $1 billion - while Andrew Brandt suggests that the gap is closer to about $600 million.

Under the current (expiring) CBA, the league took $1 billion for themselves before giving the players 59.6 percent of adjusted revenues. In this negotiation, the league had asked for $2 billion off the top, while the NFLPA proposed a 50-50 split of total revenues. As Brandt explains, the league is now offering 43% (about $3.9 billion), while the PA hasn't moved from its $4.5 billion mark.

Progress is progress, and a deadline looms. Lots to keep track of over the next day or so.