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NFL Draft Pro Days: Purdue, TCU, Tennessee Up Today

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While we await (likely bad) news on the NFL labor front, 2011 NFL Draft prospects continue to put their best foot forward during their alma mater's pro days. Though today's schedule doesn't feature the flashy prospects that have been on display over the last few days, there's plenty of talent working out for NFL scouts this afternoon.

The Purdue pro day pro day features its star player, defensive end Ryan Kerrigan, who is a virtual lock for the first round of April's draft. A strong Combine performance alleviated some concerns about his overall athleticism, and another good workout today could make him a contender for the Top 15.

At the TCU pro day, quarterback Andy Dalton has fallen off the map a little bit, but a strong workout could vault him back up boards. Most consider him a second- or third-round pick at this point. Meanwhile, a player that I believe Buffalo Bills fans should be discussing more, tackle/guard Marcus Cannon, will be on the field as well.

Finally, we all know the Bills have a desperate need for tight end (and have for years), so we'll be watching Luke Stocker's performance at the Tennessee pro day with keen interest.