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Peter King: NFL Free Agency Could Begin Without CBA

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The NFL and NFLPA are set to re-convene at 10 AM ET for one final day of mediated negotiations toward a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Most experts, including Peter King of Sports Illustrated, are anticipating union decertification, followed by a lockout, followed by litigation.

King, however, shed a little insight into the potential aftermath of that particular route when he reported last night that, if things fall into place, the NFL could be back to 2010 CBA rules by the end of April. (Mike Florio thinks it could be even sooner than that.)

Essentially, he's just following the litigation process to one logical conclusion. The union decertifies, the league locks out the players, and the players then seek an injunction to block the lockout. That would put the situation squarely in the lap of Judge David Doty, who presides over this agreement, is viewed as staunchly pro-player, and who most recently took away $4 billion in TV revenue from the owners in the event of a lockout. If he grants injunctive relief and it survives the inevitable NFL appeal, the league could revert back to 2010 league rules, and the 2011 league year - free agency and all - would begin.

Just something to keep in mind if worst comes to worst in the nation's capital this afternoon.