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2011 NFL Draft: Our Pre-Draft Bills Coverage Plan

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By now, most of you are hopefully aware of the fact that we'll be breaking down 13 prospects that might be considered by the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. We've affectionately referred to that group of prospects as our Baker's Dozen, and will continue to do so.

In advance of breaking NFL news and a weekend, we thought now was the best time to tell you exactly what we're planning in that series of posts. Each of the 13 prospects will get a series of five posts dedicated to him, meaning that you'll get 65 posts on these guys. At a rough two-per-day rate, accounting for slow weekends, we'll have these guys covered thoroughly by a week before the draft.

What do those five posts consist of? Glad you asked. We'll have two scouting reports for each guy: one for physical talents, another for the player's character. I'll be authoring both of those posts with as much information as I can convey/conglomerate. Matt will be talking to each prospect's college team blogger here at SB Nation for a look at what it's like having this guy on "your team." We'll be talking to the guys at Mocking the Draft about each player, and then - in what is certain to be the most popular set of posts in this series - our own Der Jaeger will be breaking down how each player fits in with Buffalo schematically.

The process begins this coming Tuesday, and we'll start with Alabama wideout Julio Jones. Initial reactions, comments and feedback on this series are, as always, welcome and appreciated.