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Locked Out Bills Players Already Planning Workouts

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NFL teams may have locked out their players, but that isn't stopping some members of the Buffalo Bills from coordinating their own workouts away from team facilities.

Mere hours after the NFLPA decertified and the league's labor issues became a matter of litigation, cornerback Drayton Florence - who is scheduled for free agency, and may not even be back with the team in 2011 - and wide receiver Stevie Johnson took to Twitter to organize 7-on-7 workouts between Bills receivers and defensive backs. Florence initiated the conversation, and Johnson quickly rounded up quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and his fellow receivers. The workouts look like they're going to take place in a sunnier locale, well away from the Bills' Orchard Park headquarters.

Per the terms of the lockout, NFL players are no longer welcome at team facilities. In an average off-season, veteran players typically do not work out until mandatory mini-camps (though many are there voluntarily earlier), focusing on individual workouts during this section of the calendar year. Perhaps motivated by the fact that they're in the midst of a labor battle, however, it appears that some of Buffalo's best players are looking to get better without the aid of their coaching staff.

Here's hoping that this becomes a habit.