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2011 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Unveils Top 32 Prospects

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Mike Mayock (NFL Network) is widely regarded as the best NFL Draft analyst in the business, and he's finally come out with his Top 32 prospects available in the 2011 NFL Draft. The top player on his list: Alabama defensive lineman Marcell Dareus, who has long been a favorite of Buffalo Bills fans eager to see the team upgrade its run defense.

At quarterback, Missouri junior Blaine Gabbert sits at No. 5 on Mayock's list, while Jake Locker (No. 20) and Cam Newton (No. 21) are a bit further down the list. Mayock has long been high on Gabbert, and has previously implied that any team in need of a franchise quarterback shouldn't pass on him.

If you're a "Best Player Available" enthusiast, and you're going by Mayock's ratings, then the Bills should be picking between Dareus, Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller, and LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson come April 28. They're guaranteed to see one of those three players on the board when their pick is made.

Among the surprising names in Mayock's list: Boston College tackle Anthony Castonzo (No. 11) and Temple defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson (No. 18), along with the low rating for the ultra-popular Newton.