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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will Blaine Gabbert Fall To Buffalo?

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The latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft from is out, and in it, I've got the Buffalo Bills taking Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert with the third overall pick. I made the selection even after stating last week that, for the time being, I'd bet against the Bills going the QB route in Round 1.

Perhaps of larger importance, however, is the growing feeling that Gabbert may not even be available when the Bills make their pick. I caught a little flack for linking Gabbert to Carolina at No. 1 overall two weeks ago, but analysts like Mike Mayock, Don Banks and others continue to promote the possibility. While Cam Newton gets all of the buzz surrounding the Panthers for the time being, Gabbert remains a very distinct possibility at that first pick - particularly if he has a strong outing at his pro day this Thursday.

Of course, if Gabbert is the pick for Carolina - and barring a team swapping choices with Denver to get ahead of Buffalo - it's likely that Newton then becomes available to the Bills. Call me crazy (you probably won't), but I think there's a far better chance of Gabbert being a Bill at this point in time than there is of Newton doing likewise.