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Bills Must Focus On Fixing Rushing Attack

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The running game is a problem for the Buffalo Bills. Taken at face value, most Bills fans will read that sentence and immediately focus on the league's worst run defense. While there's no question that the run defense is the area in the most urgent need of improvement, "running game" is a phrase inclusive of the offensive side of the ball, as well. And yes - the Bills need to get better there, too.

I'm still somewhat floored by the fact that the Bills - who, in my eye test, didn't run the ball well at all in 2010 - finished 18th in the league in rushing offense. It was still their lowest ranking since 2006 (Dick Jauron's first year in Buffalo, and Willis McGahee's last), when they finished 27th in the rankings and averaged a paltry 97 rushing yards per game. Buffalo's six rushing touchdowns in 2010 were also the league's lowest total; Fred Jackson had five, and rookie C.J. Spiller didn't score at all.

The Bills haven't finished in the NFL's Top 10 in rushing offense since 1999, which, unsurprisingly, is also the last time the team made the playoffs. Meanwhile, Ryan Fitzpatrick attempted 30 or more passes in seven of his 13 starts last year. It's true that the Bills need to improve in the running game; just don't make the mistake of thinking that's a problem specific to the defense.