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Greg Gabriel "Not So Sure" Blaine Gabbert Is First-Round Worthy

Mike Mayock has been beating the drum for Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert for several weeks. First, he compared the junior to the likes of Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford - immediate-impact type players at the QB position. Then he praised his field vision and arm strength in a video breakdown. When his Top 32 prospects debuted late last week, Gabbert was No. 5 on the list - 15 slots ahead of the next quarterback.

Let's just say that Mayock's opinions on Gabbert are not even close to being universally shared. Most agree that Gabbert's physical skills are excellent, but major concerns remain. Greg Gabriel, a former league personnel man and currently with the National Football Post, is the latest to point out the long list of issues currently plaguing Gabbert's game.

Gabriel credits Gabbert's size, arm strength and straight-line speed, but pretty much goes to town on the rest of his game. Deep ball accuracy, release point, pocket awareness and field vision are all questioned, as is his ability to extend plays with his legs despite above-average athleticism. Is Gabbert worth a first-round pick? Gabriel addressed that question to close his piece.

"A club will probably draft him somewhere in the first round but I'm not so sure he is really a first round talent," Gabriel concludes.