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Bills Have Dined With Blaine Gabbert, Too

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Early last week, prior to Auburn's pro day, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix and other Bills representatives took quarterback Cameron Newton and his agent out to dinner. As proof that the pre-workout dining was probably meaninglessGil Brandt of reports that Nix and company provided the same courtesy to Missouri junior Blaine Gabbert last evening.

Gabbert's pro day is this afternoon - and it's a big day for him, as he has not yet thrown in front of NFL scouts this off-season, having foregone that opportunity at the 2011 NFL Combine late last month.

Over the past few weeks, Gabbert has picked up steam as a potential target for the Carolina Panthers with the No. 1 overall pick. Due to Newton's off-field issues, the Panthers' need for a quarterback, and a great deal of hype coming from the likes of Mike Mayock and others, Gabbert-to-Carolina is clearly within the realm of possibility. Should the Panthers go in another direction - Newton or otherwise - Gabbert is a player to keep squarely on your Bills radar, as well.