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Roger Goodell: League Shares In Fan Frustration Over Lockout

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Over the past week, enthusiasm for the NFL has been lower than I can ever remember it thanks to the breakdown in labor negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA. Since that point in time, the league has been on a media tear getting their message out there (as has the union), and in an exclusive interview with SB Nation on Thursday, Goodell told us exactly what he wants the fans to hear.

"We want the fans to understand we’re doing everything we can to try to reach an agreement that’s fair to the players, to the clubs and most importantly to make sure we can continue to deliver high quality football to our fans," Goodell said. "That’s our number one priority. We have to get this collective bargaining agreement addressed in a responsible fashion and we have made a proposal that we think is responsible that meets what the players are looking for and what the clubs are looking for and would ensure that we can continue on with this great game. We want the fans to understand that and understand how hard we are working to try to get something done."

Goodell knows that fan frustration is at a fever pitch, and says that the frustration doesn't stop at the fan base.

"The frustration they are feeling is the frustration we are feeling by not successfully coming to a conclusion through negotiations," Goodell said. "But they have decided to pursue another strategy – litigation. We think the best thing is to be at the table negotiating. And that’s what we are prepared to do."