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Paul Posluszny Pleased With Bills RFA Tender

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Buffalo Bills linebacker Paul Posluszny is pleased that the Buffalo Bills thought enough of him to offer him a restricted free agent tender. That according to John Wawrow of the Associated Press, who spoke with the linebacker from his home in Pennsylvania following the announcement.

"As a guy who wants to be part of the organization, this is certainly a positive step in the right direction," Posluszny said Tuesday. "I want to be a Buffalo Bill for a long time."

Unlike George Wilson, who made $1.7 million in 2010, Posluszny's rookie contract paid him a low base salary. Due to restrictions in place under the CBA, the maximum the Bills could offer Posluszny is 30% above his current salary, which wouldn't be enough for Posluszny to seriously consider.

Wawrow notes that the former Penn State 'backer was "encouraged to know he's still wanted by the team after formally receiving the contract offer by mail last week." Posluszny has stated repeatedly he would like to stay in Buffalo to "see this thing through." It looks like the Bills are also agreeable to him sticking around for a while. For now, he has to wait.

"That's the hard part," Posluszny told Wawrow. "The only thing you can do is train as hard as you can, so when we're ready to go back to work we can."