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Bills Spoke With At Least Four Quarterbacks In Indianapolis

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The Buffalo Bills are interviewing quarterback candidates. Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick tweeted last week that the Bills met with him at the 2011 NFL Combine, and yesterday Bills GM Buddy Nix all but confirmed the team met with three more in Indianapolis.

Speaking with Morning Bull yesterday on Buffalo radio station WEDG, Nix said the Bills met with three of the top quarterback prospects in the draft.

"He’s a confident young man, he’s bright and all the others were too," said Nix in response to a question about Cam Newton. "Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert - all the guys that we talked to were very impressive. It’s amazing how far the knowledge of the game and the physical ability of these guys has come. Every one of those guys certainly has a chance in the right situation."

Without coming out and saying "we met with them," Nix has whet the appetites of Bills fans pining for a quarterback. Every NFL team gets 60 interviews at the Combine, and Buffalo spent at least four on quarterbacks.