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Adam Schefter Hints That Bills Like Jake Locker

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ESPN's Adam Schefter, in answering questions from blog readers, dropped a little nugget about the Buffalo Bills' quarterback preference in the 2011 NFL Draft. The blurb, which Schefter throws out there rather casually, may surprise you.

"There are people who believe that Buffalo likes (Jake) Locker," Schefter writes before adding, "but it's not going to take him at No. 3."

If what Schefter is hearing is accurate, it probably doesn't bode well for the idea that the team will consider Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert with the third overall pick in the draft. We've heard reports that GM Buddy Nix is high on Newton; it stands to reason, then, that if there's a man at One Bills Drive that likes Locker, it's Chan Gailey. (That's just speculation on my part.)

Another factor working against the idea of Buffalo picking a quarterback at No. 3: more than in most years, this class of quarterbacks comes down to personal taste at the top. Consider the mere idea that Nix prefers Newton, while Gailey prefers Locker (which, again, is just speculation). If Buffalo's top two decision-makers can't agree on their evaluations at the position, it's very possible that they look to find consensus at a different position.