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Report: Seahawks Pursued Trent Edwards Trade Last Spring

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The Buffalo Bills released Trent Edwards on September 27, 2010 after two poor showings and the loss of his starting job. According to writer Adam Caplan, however, the Bills could have acquired considerably more for Edwards in the spring had they been willing to part with the signal-caller then.

Caplan wrote yesterday about teams possibly interested in Eagles backup Kevin Kolb, mentioning the Seahawks as a potential destination. He mentions Seattle's pursuit of Kolb a year ago, but when rebuffed, the team turned their attention not to eventual addition Charlie Whitehurst, but to Edwards.

Apparently turned down by the Bills, Pete Carroll's team sent a third-round pick to the Chargers, plus gave up the 40th overall selection in last year's draft for Whitehurst and the 60th pick. If the Seahawks were more interested in Edwards than Whitehurst, it would stand to reason they would be willing to give up at least that much to obtain the former Stanford product.

Edwards instead won the shoulder pads and shorts auditions, becoming the Bills' starting QB heading into the 2010 season before being benched and cut. Whitehurst, acquired on March 18, 2010, went 1-1 in two starts for Seattle last season.