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NFL Teams Can Trade Future Draft Picks - At Own Risk

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One unassailable truth (as DeMaurice Smith might term it) within the NFL lockout rhetoric of the past year has been that the 2011 NFL Draft would go on as scheduled, whether there was a work stoppage or not. Obviously, that work stoppage is in effect, and teams are preparing as usual for April's draft. But was it a given that everything would function as normal?

A question that I brought up a couple of weeks ago reached Chris Mortensen's ears (or, rather, his Twitter account) on Sunday, and he cleared it up for us: despite the fact that no future drafts beyond 2011 are written into the expired CBA, NFL teams have been informed that they can still trade future draft picks this year - but that they will do so at their own risk.

Some question existed as to whether or not future picks could be traded if future drafts were not guaranteed; clearly, the NFL isn't overly worried about that possibility. So fear not, mock drafters: those extravagant, Madden-like trades you're cooking up for the Buffalo Bills are still valid. As long as they don't contain players.