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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Is Patrick Peterson Too Safe For Buffalo?

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The latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft is up at, and in it, I've projected LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson to the Buffalo Bills with the No. 3 overall pick.

Here's the question I'd love to hear as much feedback as possible on this morning: is Peterson "too safe" for the Bills? Or, put another way, should the Bills be taking a risk at another position - even if Peterson, who is supremely talented, is viewed as the safest pick, and possibly even best pick, by the team?

I ask for this reason alone: the 2011 SB Nation NFL Writers' Mock Draft is getting ready to kick off next week at Mocking the Draft. For a fifth consecutive year, I'll be acting as GM of the Bills in that process. My draft history is, to put it mildly, as sketchy as Tom Donahoe's. Probably sketchier. I've made good decisions (such as trading up for Patrick Willis in 2007) and accurate ones (gulp... Aaron Maybin), but talked myself into plenty of awful decisions, as well.

I'm looking to right the ship. My instinct is to play it safe, and Peterson is very safe. Were I to pull the trigger (and if Peterson is available), how badly would you chide me for taking that route? Feel free to lobby for your pick for our Writers Mock selection here, as well.