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ESPN: Chan Gailey Still Critical Of Aaron Maybin

... Chan Gailey smiles. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
... Chan Gailey smiles. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix said that the Bills were going to find a spot for Aaron Maybin when asked about the 2009 first-round pick at February's NFL Combine. Chan Gailey wasn't so diplomatic today from the NFL coaches' media breakfast.

ESPN's Tim Graham asked Gailey about what Maybin on Tuesday morning. The head coach, from the way Graham tells the story of his response, made calculated, fair and pointed remarks about the former No. 11 overall pick that he inherited from Dick Jauron's last team.

"Right now all it is is potential because he hasn't shown it in practice or in games," Gailey told Graham. "He's got to understand about pass-rush. He's got to understand about leverage and changing direction and not running past the quarterback and all those little things that go into a great pass-rusher's feel for beating an offensive tackle and getting to the passer. He's got to be a better special-teams player. He's got to be better versus the run."

I can't think of a single, solitary football-related activity that Gailey doesn't cover in that soliloquy - aside from wanting to get better. Gailey went out of his way to make sure that people were aware that Maybin is working at getting better. Apparently, he needs to work harder.