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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 3/23

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Is Gabbert or Newton the fix for QB-needy Bills? - NFL -
"In Buffalo, a city known for hot wings, why has it taken so long to find a good one on a quarterback? Pete Prisco says it's the same old story with the Bills in the draft: Try to find the next franchise QB."

Gailey and Co. maintain status quo - Bills & NFL - The Buffalo News
"If coaches are nothing else, we're flexible. We have to be able to adjust. We adjust to the seasons, we adjust to games, we adjust all the time. That's what we do. You just handle it."

Breakfast with Gailey - BillBoard - The Buffalo News
Allen Wilson provides highlights Chan Gailey's Tuesday morning conversation with assembled media.

Donte Whitner Likely Back in Buffalo For 2011 : Buffalo Sports Daily
If a lockout is blocked and some form of 2010 rules are put into place, it's possible that Donte Whitner will be back with the Bills in 2011.

Inside The Bills | Impact of new kickoff line
Chris Brown examines the full impact of the NFL's changed kickoff rules.

2011 NFL Draft
Carolina Panthers evaluating 'about 8 guys' for No. 1 - ESPN
Interestingly, Ryan Mallett is one of them. Please take Mallett, Carolina.

The Road to the Draft: LB Martez Wilson - BillBoard - The Buffalo News
The fan-favorite linebacker from Illinois is profiled.

Mayock calls Georgia Pro Day "weirdest I’ve ever attended" | ProFootballTalk
Georgia didn't do its star NFL Draft prospects (A.J. Green, Clint Boling, Justin Houston) any favors on Tuesday.

Colin Kaepernick goes 36-for-38 at Nevada Pro Day | ProFootballTalk
"According to a league source, Kaepernick hit 36 of his 38 throws on campus, not including a couple of drops."

Inside The Bills | S Moore takes first poll
Bills fans were polled by about the draft's safety class. Rahim Moore was voted the best.