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Von Miller Speaks On Lawsuit Against NFL

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When NFL players began popping up as plaintiffs on an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL, perhaps the most surprising name on the list was a player that isn't yet in the NFL: Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller. Part of the litigation process in order to block a league attempt to impose a rookie wage scale should the NFL lockout effectively be blocked, many have questioned whether this will hurt Miller's 2011 NFL Draft stock.

In an interview with Dan Graziano, Miller explained his decision to become a plaintiff in this cause.

"I’m in this for the guys who have come before me," Miller told Graziano, who adds that Miller was well received by veteran players at the NFLPA’s annual meeting last week. "I’m a team guy, and I’m ready to help the team."

As for the idea that Miller may slide on draft day, most experts have scoffed at the idea that teams will devalue Miller because of this decision. Miller is simply hoping that they're correct.

"I hope it wouldn’t hurt my draft stock," said Miller. "But you can’t really get possessive over something you never had. So if I fall, then that’s the way it will be. I’ll still be signed with someone and playing football in the NFL."