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Report: Bills Believe Cam Newton Is Their Franchise QB

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For months, we have heard and seen Auburn junior quarterback Cam Newton linked to the Buffalo Bills. The Bills need a franchise quarterback. Buddy Nix has deep-rooted ties to Auburn. Chan Gailey is a quarterback-friendly coach that believes the future of the QB position is a runner-passer hybrid.

We've even seen reports that Nix is high on Newton. Here's another fuel injection for the fire: ESPN 101's Tony Softli is reporting, citing sources, that the Bills "feel he is the franchise quarterback for the Bills' organization."

Those sources of his are pretty pointed with their language, no?

I remain unconvinced that there will be consensus between Nix and Gailey about this player. I firmly believe that Nix will be higher on Newton than Gailey will be, simply because of the roles the two men play. Nix is here to assess and import talent; Gailey is here to win games. Newton is so far from being a pro-ready passer that I can't see him sitting atop Gailey's board (if such a thing exists) at the QB position - which isn't to say, of course, that I'd claim that Gailey dislikes him.

There's clearly enough smoke here that it would be foolish to say there's no fire. Newton is going to be on Buffalo's short list come April 28.