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Buffalo Bills Podcast: NFL Draft, Free Agency And More

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What to do on a Sunday in the NFL off-season, before the NCAA Tournament's Elite 8 games begin? I'm not sure how y'all answered that question, but for me, I spent roughly 80 minutes talking about the Buffalo Bills, the 2011 NFL Draft, the NFL lockout and free agency with Joe Pinzone of

I've been working pretty hard over the past several weeks to keep my poker face as blank as possible regarding the draft; today's conversation with Joe did more to damage to that secrecy than anything I've said over the past few days - and more than the start of tomorrow's 2011 SB Nation NFL Writers' Mock Draft will do, as well.

We also touched briefly on Ralph Wilson, Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey, the team's trio of free agents (Paul Posluszny, Drayton Florence and Donte Whitner), and the lockout. Very briefly on the lockout; it may be an off-season Sunday, but we don't need to be depressed, after all. Take a listen if you'd like; we fully understand if you don't make it through all 80 (!) minutes.

Buffalo Bills Podcast. (Opens in new window. Or tab, as the case may be.)