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Two Bills On Mel Kiper's Top 40 Draft Bust List

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Last week, ESPN's Mel Kiper penned a list of his Top 40 (non-QB) busts in NFL Draft history. As the link is Insider content, it took Tim Graham conveying the article's AFC East contents to let us know that two Buffalo Bills made Kiper's list.

In 1979, the Bills spent the first overall pick in the draft on Ohio State linebacker Tom Cousineau. He never played a down for the Bills, and never came close to living up to his lofty draft status. He played in the NFL for six years, accumulating 6.5 sacks and 10 interceptions in 66 career games. The Bills did, however, redeem themselves a bit in '79 when they chose wide receiver Jerry Butler with the No. 5 overall pick. (Can you imagine having the first and fifth overall picks in any draft?)

The more recent, and therefore more universally hated, of the two Bills busts on Kiper's list occurred in 2002, when the Bills spent the No. 4 overall pick on Texas offensive tackle Mike Williams. The dancing bear could dance, but he didn't have a bear's aggression or instincts, and he spent just four years in Buffalo - flipping between tackle and guard - before being released, trying out with Jacksonville, and ultimately retiring. He returned to pro football in 2009 with Washington, but has since retired once more.