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Chan Gailey On Von Miller: "He's An Interesting Guy"

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Back in late January, as Chan Gailey and the Buffalo Bills were coaching at the 2011 Senior Bowl, Buffalo's head coach had plenty of nice things to say about his South team's star prospect, Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller.

"Von Miller would fit in any defense really well," Gailey said at the time. "He looks like he's a very explosive player. He's one of the few guys I happened to see on TV a little bit during the course of the season, and he's an explosive football player. I think he's going to be a good get for whoever gets him. He'd help us, just like he'd help a lot of teams."

Two months removed from that event, Gailey recently spoke about his impressions of Miller coming out of Mobile.

"I had first impressions and last impressions," Gailey told "The first impression was, I heard so much about this guy, he’s not nearly as big as I thought he was going to be. And the last impression when I walked out of there was, I see why I’ve heard so much about this guy. He understands leverage, he understands blow delivery, he’s got amazing speed and quickness. He’s an interesting guy."