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Report: Big Bonuses Coming For Lee Evans, Dwan Edwards

Yesterday, Adam Caplan of reported that sources close to the Buffalo Bills claim the team has "decisions to make" regarding two veteran players: wide receiver Lee Evans and defensive end Dwan Edwards. Obviously, they won't have any decisions to make until the new league year starts; that'll take either the lockout ending, a new CBA, or both.

Caplan reports that both Evans and Edwards are due hefty roster bonuses within five days (in Edwards' case, three) of whatever point the new league year starts. Evans will get a $1.5 million bonus added to the $3.3 million he's scheduled to make in base salary next year. Edwards, meanwhile, will get a $1.2 million bonus; he signed a four-year, $17 million deal last year, according to the report.

The report is written as if the Bills will need to decide between paying the two vets their bonuses, or cutting them. I can't see how that's even a choice; it seems absurd to think that either of these players is not in the team's plans moving forward. Of course, should the new league year start after the 2011 NFL Draft, that could change - so consider Evans and Edwards among Bills veterans that will be watching the draft unfold with, quite possibly, keener-than-normal interest.