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Buddy Nix: Bills "Greatest Need Is Not Quarterback"

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Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey answered questions Monday night at an event put on for the club's premium season ticket holders. Naturally, they were barraged with questions about the 2011 NFL Draft and quarterbacks. Nix, for one, doesn't see the position as the team's biggest need, but offers a caveat.

"Our greatest need is not quarterback," Nix said. "It's definitely not quarterback. If there were to be a franchise guy there, one we deem is a guy that can go eight or ten years, be the face of this organization and take us to the playoffs and win every year, you can't pass him up. As far as need, no. It's not the number one need."

Nix and Gailey have both praised starter Ryan Fitzpatrick repeatedly this off-season, but what the fan base has guessed at for months seems to be accurate: philosophically speaking, if the Bills think there's a franchise guy there when they pick, they'll take him.

"I think we've got a lot of needs," Nix said. "Let me just say this to you, and try not to connect the dots: if you wait until you do not have a quarterback to draft one, you're too late."