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Bills' Re-Signings, RFA Tenders Offer Insight Into Free Agency

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On Tuesday, the Buffalo Bills made several decisions regarding their impending free agents. Clearly, the decisions to re-sign guard/tackle Mansfield Wrotto and safety George Wilson were the most significant moves made. It's what the Bills did with tender offers amidst league labor distress that is particularly interesting.

The team's decision to tender restricted free agent offers to Donte Whitner and Paul Posluszny may end up being meaningless for the two defenders, as a new CBA - whenever it is agreed to - will almost certainly make them unrestricted free agents, and the tender offers moot. What this does signify, however, is that the Bills have at least mild interest in re-signing both players.

Three more players that received tender offers - tight end Scott Chandler, wide receiver Felton Huggins and long snapper Garrison Sanborn - were all likely to be restricted no matter what the new deal looks like, so this signifies that the Bills had serious interest in bringing them back.

For a trio of 2006 draftees - John McCargo, Ashton Youboty and Keith Ellison - the fact that the team did not tender offers to the likely unrestricted free agents is mildly significant: either the Bills have no interest in bringing them back, or they don't believe they'll have much competition for those players' services on the open market. For three more players that will likely be restricted regardless - Brian Brohm, Jonathan Stupar and Quinton Ganther - the news is pretty ironclad: the Bills don't seem to have much interest in bringing them back regardless of what the new labor deal looks like.