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Chan Gailey Expecting Defense-Laden Draft For Bills

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Perhaps in an effort to placate the legions of Buffalo Bills fans put off by all the quarterback talk of late, head coach Chan Gailey told fans on a Tuesday conference call that he expects the majority of his team's nine 2011 NFL Draft picks to be used on defenders.

"If I had to say today, we're going to use most of our picks defensively," Gailey said. "I think we have to try to shore up our defensive football team. We have to try to get stronger there, get quicker there, get nastier there. I won't say all of them, but I'll say the majority of them will work toward that defensive side this year."

In their first draft together last year, Gailey and GM Buddy Nix essentially split the difference with their nine picks, drafting five offensive players and four defenders. Now that the team has nine picks again this year, the head coach is clearly preparing for a bigger influx of talent for his defense.

But that quarterback talk isn't going away any time soon. Gailey told fans Tuesday that his visit with Cam Newton went very well, calling Newton an "impressive young man." Nix confirmed that both Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder would be in town this week.