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Buddy Nix, Chan Gailey Prepared For NFL Free Agency

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The NFL is in an unprecedented state at the moment. With the league's highly-publicized labor issues set to hit its next fever pitch on April 6, NFL teams are still wondering exactly what free agency will look like, and when it will happen. Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey, in an interview with The Fan 590 in Toronto, alluded to some of the craziness.

"The dynamics of this draft will be different if there is no free agency before the draft," Gailey said. "I guess one of my worst fears, Buddy and I have even talked about this, but one of my worst fears would be I guess the judge hears the first part of this deal on April the 6th. If she says ‘Well okay April the 23rd - OK, ya’ll handle it - go back to the 2010 rules and free agency is up and going.’ I mean, my goodness! You’re talking about a free for all four days before the draft. That could just be an amazing turn of events."

Gailey did, however, say that the team is prepared for that possibility.

"he one good thing about it, Buddy’s prepared when free agency does hit," Gailey explained. "We’ve targeted guys in our mind. We’ve gotta go make contact and see what we can do with them, but if it’s after the draft it does. This draft takes on different look really."

With four weeks remaining before the 2011 NFL Draft, it's still possible that some form of free agency begins before teams start picking rookies. If that's the case, Gailey is correct - things could get pretty hectic.