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Chan Gailey On QB: "It's Decision Making And Accuracy"

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When NFL experts talk of Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey and his preferred talents at quarterback, typically the first word mentioned is "mobility." You've heard "Chan Gailey likes mobile quarterbacks" enough times to spit it back like a robot any time someone says the word "Chan." Maybe it's true. But according to Gailey himself, he's looking for different attributes first in a quarterback.

"What people don’t realize is you take Cam Newton, you take Blaine Gabbert, you take Christian Ponder, you take Ryan Mallett - they have the talent to be a professional quarterback, but it’s not talent," Gailey told The Fan 590 in Toronto. "It’s decision making and accuracy. Decision making comes from being able to decipher all that information that’s going on on offense and defense in 2.3 seconds. You can’t have a meeting with a guy to determine that. You have to kind of get a feel for it to see if you think a guy can do that."

Gailey brought this up in response to a question about whether or not he believes Newton is a "professional quarterback" (he answered in the affirmative). So perhaps Gailey does prefer mobility in his quarterbacks - even if that's true, he won't sacrifice those other two attributes for a guy that can move around.