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Reports: NFL Owners' Contingent Mulling Ten-Day CBA Extension

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Multiple reports have surfaced this morning that following yesterday's 24-hour extension of the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement, federal mediator George Cohen is attempting to get the NFL and NFLPA to agree to another extension - this time, it would be ten days - to hammer out a new agreement.

According to, the players' union has already agreed to the ten-day extension - and that they will begin the process of decertifying on Friday night if the league owners do not agree to it. The 24-hour extension, according to the report, was agreed to in order for commissioner Roger Goodell to gauge the owners' interest in - and perhaps attempt to persuade them to agree to - the proposed ten-day extension.

Naturally, nothing is set in stone at this point - but simply from a PR standpoint, it would be catastrophic for the league to begin the process of a lockout at this point. But 5:30 PM this evening is still the latest deadline, as that's the time frame that the union plans to have decertification documentation filed. Stay tuned.