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NFP: Bills In Can't-Miss Position At No. 3 Overall

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I would argue that almost any team picking in the top ten - maybe even top 15 or 20 - in the 2011 NFL Draft are in a "can't-miss" situation regarding their first-round pick. Still, it's understandable why some may perceive the Buffalo Bills as being in more desperate straits when it comes to needing to hit on that pick. That's exactly what Joe Fortenbaugh at the National Football Post did, listing Buffalo alongside Carolina and Houston as teams that can't miss in April.

Fortenbaugh goes on to blast last year's selection of C.J. Spiller, name four major need areas for the Bills, and talk about the player that he (and former Bills safety Matt Bowen) believe should be the pick at No. 3 overall.

"Matt Bowen has been chewing my ear off for weeks about what should happen at No. 3 and I absolutely concur: Von Miller is the pick," Fortenbaugh writes. "The outside linebacker from Texas A&M is a perfect fit for the Bills’ 3-4 defense, can start in Week 1 and will help bolster a pass rush that has been virtually non-existent for the last half decade."