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March 7, 1991: RB Robb Riddick Officially Retires

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Robb Riddick was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the ninth round of the 1981 NFL Draft. On this date less than ten years later, he announced his retirement from football.

In 1986, Riddick started eight games as the replacement for the departed Joe Cribbs, gaining over 1,000 yards from scrimmage and scoring five touchdowns. Riddick's most potent year for the Bills came in 1988 while splitting time with rookie Thurman Thomas. Riddick rushed for 12 touchdowns as the short yardage back, and added another receiving score to more than double the next Bills player on the scoring list and finish fourth in the league.

His career was filled with ups that showed his potential and downs punctuated by vicious lows. In 1986, he broke his wrist in Week 9, and a year later his season was cut short by a collarbone injury. He was also berated for crossing the picket lines during the 1987 players' strike.

Riddick missed 30 days and the first game of the '88 season after being suspended by the NFL, along with six other players, for violating the substance abuse policy. He then went on to score the aforementioned 12 TDs. Despite his great season, the Bills left Riddick unprotected in Plan B free agency, but he re-signed with Buffalo anyway.

Riddick's final injury cost him the rest of his career. During the 1989 pre-season, Riddick suffered a serious knee injury. He attempted to come back in 1990, but my March of 1991 he had called it quits, officially retiring 20 years ago today.