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Schefter: Three Teams Considering Trade For Kevin Kolb

While the NFL CBA negotiations continue in the nation's capital, NFL teams are still allowed to discuss moves their team can make, even if they can't act on those discussions until (hopefully) a new CBA is in place. One current player being discussed in NFL trade rumors is Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb, as ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Monday that Kolb is being considered via trade by at least three teams.

Schefter did not name the teams involved, though he did speculate that all three NFC West teams aside from the Sam Bradford-led Rams could be in the market for Kolb's services.

Buffalo Bills fans seem determined that the Bills need long-term direction at quarterback, and Kolb, who turns 27 in August, still has a great deal of untapped potential. Yet in a poll conducted on February 15, 56 percent of the Buffalo Rumblings community expressed that they did not want the Bills to pursue a trade for Kolb.

It's highly unlikely that GM Buddy Nix would consider trading precious draft picks for Kolb, who is just 21 months younger than his current starter, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Still, Buffalo needs depth and direction at quarterback, so all avenues should be considered.