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Poll: Which QB Prospect Is Better Trade-Up Target?

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After the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft was complete, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix told that the team had tried, and failed, to trade back into Round 1. The team had, for months, been linked to Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, but Nix informed Chris Brown that Tebow was not, in fact, the target of Buffalo's trade-up interest.

Still, there's the precedent we're looking for: Nix, who has a (possibly self-driven) reputation of being anti-draft day trade, tried to trade up last year. With many Bills fans against the idea of taking a top-tier quarterback prospect at No. 3 overall, this one precedent is the motivator for the idea of the Bills getting their franchise quarterback after the Top 5 is settled.

As of today - and likely all the way through April 28 - Auburn's Cameron Newton and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert are considered locks for the top ten of Round 1. This poll is designed to gauge early interest in which second-tier QB prospect Bills fans would like to see the team make a move up for. Open for discussion.