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2011 NFL Draft: Big Names On Pro Day Circuit Today

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Yesterday was a big day on the NFL's pro day circuit, with Auburn stars Cam Newton and Nick Fairley auditioning for pro scouts, and Arkansas' Ryan Mallett impressing once again with his golden arm.

In terms of our Baker's Dozen, however, today might be the biggest day on the pro day circuit. Alabama, California, Texas A&M and Wisconsin are all holding pro days today, meaning that five of our 13 Buffalo Bills possibilities are making their final public pre-draft auditions.

The Alabama pro day will be the biggest draw, and though wide receiver Julio Jones (foot surgery) won't participate, Marcell Dareus is expected to be on the field. At California, end Cameron Jordan will look to put up his latest rock-solid athletic performance. Texas A&M, of course, features outside linebacker Von Miller. Finally, at Wisconsin, one lineman - J.J. Watt - will be performing alongside another Bills target, Gabe Carimi.

In the last two days, seven of our 13 Bills targets have taken part in (or will take part in) their alma mater's pro day. Other key dates amongst that group: March 10 (Nebraska), March 14 (LSU), March 17 (Missouri), March 31 (North Carolina), and April 1 (Da'Quan Bowers' private workout date).