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Aaron Maybin Even Frustrates Todd McShay

ESPN's Todd McShay made an appearance Friday morning on WGR 550's The Howard Simon Show, where he covered a myriad of 2011 NFL Draft topics. You can probably guess at most of the conversation topics (hello, quarterbacks), but one quarterback-related question that got McShay talking about the Bills' needs led to a mini-rant about - who else? - Aaron Maybin.

"Aaron Maybin has been a bust to this point," McShay said. "It's frustrating to me. I didn't realize at the time - I saw the potential there with him, and I knew he wasn't elite and he needed to improve in certain areas - I just didn't realize he wasn't going to work at it the way you need to work at it to be a great player. If it's frustrating for me, I can't even imagine how frustrating it is for Chan Gailey and his coaching staff, to see a pick that high not succeed. And now all of a sudden, the worst part is, it's a major need area for your team."

In his final 2009 NFL Mock Draft, McShay had Maybin off the board at No. 13 overall to Washington, citing his value and his speed and agility off the edge as rationale for the pick. He had Buffalo taking Brian Orakpo No. 11. Of course he did.