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Peter King: Von Miller The "Odds On Favorite" For Buffalo

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Just as he did last week, Peter King of Sports Illustrated dropped a couple of (potentially) significant Buffalo Bills nuggets into his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column. This week, he calls Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller the "odds on favorite" to be picked by the Bills with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Curiously, King also describes Buffalo as a "black hole of draft information" directly before making this proclamation about Miller. The idea that a reporter as well-connected as King is having trouble digging anything up on Buffalo's draft intentions might be a good thing, particularly if the Bills are interested in moving down in the first round. However, it makes you wonder how "odds on" Miller-to-Buffalo really is, given that King does not seem to be particularly informed about Buffalo's direction.

Lastly, as he's examining New England's perch at the top of the second round through the lens of falling quarterbacks, King writes that the Bills are "unlikely" to pick a quarterback with their second-round pick, No. 34 overall (the second pick of the second round). Take that for what it's worth, as well, particularly since he's not predicting a QB in Round 1, either.