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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Von Miller Still Buffalo's Hot Name

Yesterday, my latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft posted at Once we hit the month of April, I left the murky waters of mixing and matching players around the board to see what fits and started getting more predictive with the weekly mock. As such, my Top 10 remains completely unchanged from last week, which means I've got Von Miller in the No. 3 slot to the Buffalo Bills again.

I'll use the write-up of that pick to segue into this: there are rumors floating around, thanks mainly to tweets like this, that we have a good idea of what Buffalo's draft board looks like. Take things like this as you will, but it seems like everyone who has a little bit of inside info on the Bills' intentions is hearing something slightly different than the next guy. If you believe Shawn Zobel - and you can listen to him with Joe Buscaglia for further verification purposes - Cam Newton sits atop Buffalo's draft board, followed by Marcell Dareus, Patrick Peterson and Miller.

The rumor mill is starting to heat up. That means we're getting closer to draft day, and that's all that matters.